Title Bar - Audio Description
Title Bar - Audio Description

Mary loves being able to use her experience in the performing arts and apply those skills to the exciting world of audio description. “Audio Description” (AD) is the creation of a verbal narration to accompany visual mediums such as film, theatre, television, fine arts etc. for people with a visual impairment.

After being introduced to this field at an arts accessibility program, Mary attended the Audio Description Training Institute, where she trained with Joel Snyder.

Upon completing her training, she had the opportunity to work with esteemed audio describer David Linton.

Since then she has narrated and written audio description scripts for films at the Reel Abilities Festival, and the Museum of Natural History, as well as television shows for Litton Entertainment, and for live performances at Madison Square Garden and NY Live Arts.

She also had the opportunity to lend her voice to choreographer Alice Shepperd’s innovative accessibility platform Audimance.

If you would like narration and script samples please email Mary at info@marymurphyonline.com.

Description Clips

Excerpt From “Near Nellie Bly”