Mary Murphy
“Mary is a dream to work with.”
Susan Izatt, Theatre Director
“Mary Murphy is the extraordinary voice of many characters in the famed cartoon – Muzzy created by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) – and she voices The Cat, the Wife, the Boy and the Girl. We have also pulled on her for many dramatic parts in dramas, and educational programs. She is an obvious hire choice because: she gets more feeling into her characters, she has an appealing voice that engages and pulls you in, and because her voice is unique, you can have her do scenes with other female voices and know that her voice will pop out. We continue to work with her because she’s a super talent – I give her my highest recommendation.”
James Thomas, MacMillan Films
“Mary was incredibly professional, easy to work with and just an overall star. She was flexible with the crazy schedule for the NYC Census and June Primaries for the Mayor’s race. Through it all she went over and beyond no matter the time frame. She is now the voice for Democracy NYC and I’m sure for many more city programs.”
Olivia Rios, Creative Director for Democracy NYC

“Mary Murphy is quite simply a performer extraordinaire. Her uncommon, exquisite creative gifts, captivating voice, and dramatic and emotionally stirring enormous range have graced our show with a variety of classic and contemporary stunning interpretations of poetry, literature, theater and radio drama.”

Prairie Miller, Host, Producer From the Women’s Desk, & Arts Express
“Mary was a perfect Laura… gave her such depth and pain. What a performance!”
Gemma Amor, Author
“Mary Murphy’s portrayal of Lila was spot on! Mary is a phenomenal actress. It was wonderful to have her in the show. ”
Briana Ellis Issac, Producer

“Mary Murphy nails it every time. Her meticulous character work ups the game of everyone around her. Her voice acting on our broadcast has earned accolades from listeners and our featured authors. One award-winning poet whose work we featured wrote me and said, ‘I am ecstatic at Mary Murphy’s reading! It is gorgeous–I can learn from her. Please convey my enthusiasm. I am absolutely delighted, Thank you, puny words, but heartfelt!’ Mary’s professionalism and focused style make her a pleasure to work with.”

Jack Shalom, co-producer, Arts Express, WBAI FM NY and Pacifica stations across the nation

“Mary Murphy gives generous takes that resonate with intelligence. If you are looking for a memorable performance, you’ll absolutely want to call this star. She will appear in a flash and knock your socks off!”

David Sheahan, Animator
“Mary Murphy is a magical, passionate, and brilliant actress. I admire her beyond belief and would cast her anywhere globally as a lead in my work. She is a joy to work with and enormously gifted.”
Rosary O'Neill, Playwright